The mission and strategy of the company

«SALIX energy»

Agro-energy Company founded in 2010.

The main activity is the cultivation of energy willow for biomass production. The end product is wood chips from energy willow plantations that can be used to produce both heat and electricity.

Company’s first plantation was established in 2010 and in 2014 the first industrial crop was harvested. SALIX energy is the first company in Ukraine that started to export wood chips from energy plantations for customers in Poland and for the solid-fuel boilers in Ukraine. In 2014 in cooperation with the company «Avanti Development» has built three biofuel boilers that allowed completely abandon the use of gas for heating in s.m.t. Ivanychi. As of 2015 the company planted about 1,700 hectares of energy plantations and is one of the largest businesses in this kind of activity in Europe.


The company cooperates and maintains contacts with major players and research centers in the world: Rothamsted Research (England), Salix Energi (Sweden), Nyvraa Bioeneegy (Denmark), Institute of Bioenergy Crops and Sugar Beet NAAS (Ukraine) and others.


Today the company has a production base area of over 5 hectares and a full set of own equipment, which allows providing the full range of services for growing energy crops: preparatory works, field planting, management, harvesting.


Agro-Energy Company «SALIX energy» sees its social purpose in promotion the development of the Ukrainian economy towards renewable energy as alternative sources for the generation of heat and electricity.

The founders and management of «SALIX energy» building its business on the principles of environmental compatibility and sustainable development, adhering strictly to the standards and requirements of the European and national legislation on bioenergy development and use of renewable energy sources.

Agro-Energy Company «SALIX energy» is open for cooperation with domestic and international companies, associations and foundations, academic institutions and the expert community aimed to spread the use of alternative renewable sources of heat and electricity production, to promote bioenergy and the environment.

The development of Agro-energy Company «SALIX energy» takes place under the prepared and approved strategy. According to its objectives set for the medium term up to 2015, it is expected to establish industrial plantations of energy willow (salix) in the areas of 1,800-2,000 ha and long-term contacts for the supply of biomass for domestic and European consumers of biofuels amounting to 35-40 thousand tons per year. The achievement of such indicators should transform «SALIX energy» into the leading player in the domestic market of biofuels from biomass.

In the long term, it is expected to increase energy willow plantations and create a vertically integrated company – agro-energy holding which will include the plant for production of fuel pellets from own eco-friendly biomass and power plant for generation of heat and electricity from own solid biofuels.


About Us



Iryna Gnap

Director of Agri-Energy Company

March 2006 to 2010 worked as CFO and Deputy Chairman of JSC "Avanti Development".

Graduated with honors from the Ternopil Academy of National Economy. Specialty "Economist".

CIPA Certificate (Certified International Professional Accountant) and ACCA Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards.

Extensive experience in management positions in various industries, including finance and accounting.

Executive Board of «SALIX energy» headed by Irina Gnap. The structure of executive management includes management of strategic development, financial management, agronomic and technical support management, planning and land use management.

 Agro-energy company «SALIX energy» is managed by the central and regional offices. Headquartered in Kiev, regional - in Volyn and Lviv regions.

The Supervisory Board approves the strategy of the company «SALIX energy» and supervises the current activities of executive management.


Kostyantyn Bogatov

Managing partner of «SALIX energy».


Board Member of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine


Implemented 3 projects on reconstruction of gas boilers in s.m.t. Ivanychi. (Volyn region).

Since 2006 – Cofounder and Director of "Avanti - Development": construction, production and sale of thermal energy.


Since 2013 – Founder and Board Member of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine


Since 2015 – Member of the Public Council of the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities.


Leading European experts and consultants

Партнери та експерти

Since its inception, the management of Agro-Energy Company «SALIX energy» pays significant attention to the development of relations with the scientific and expert circles of Europe and Ukraine.

Active networking with experts from different European countries, namely Ireland, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, and the UK allows raising our professional level, investigating into the matter and implementing European experience.