Wood chips sales

Characteristics of wood chips:


Ash content

On the operating condition of fuel ~ 0,6%

In the dry condition of fuel ~ 1.25%


Net calorific value

1949.8 Kcal / kg - in the operating condition of fuel 


Gross calorific value

4291.2 Kcal / kg - in the dry state fuels

One of the activities of "SALIX energy" is the sale of energy willow and poplar seedlings for cultivation on an industrial scale.


We are the exclusive representative in Ukraine of many copyright varieties of energy plants and only here you can buy:

  1. Marciyana - energy willow - Ukrainian

  2. Tora - energy willow - Swedish

  3. Tordis - energy willow - Swedish

  4. SW Inger - energy willow - Swedish

  5. Wilhelm- energy willow - Swedish

  6. Marzencinski - energy willow - Polish

  7. Gigantea - energy willow - Polish

  8. Warm-maz - energy willow - Polish

  9. Dorskamp - energy poplar - Italian

Variety choice is determined by customer requirements and the quality of the soil.

Preparation of seedlings is carried out in the autumn-winter period of the year in professional nursery-gardens in compliance with all technical and technological requirements for the procurement, storage and packaging that allows getting a good planting material.


Terms of seedlings supply:

  • Seedlings can be supplied for both the machine (in long roots), and for the manual (short) landing.

  • Minimum quantity delivery - 15 000 seedlings (estimated area for cultivation 1 ha).

  • Information support for the preparation of the soil and care of plantations.


Seedlings for sale


Planting services

Plantation establishment:

  • In early spring when soil maturity is present

  • In autumn (November), weather permitting (no rain and frost


Features of machine planting - 15-20 ha / day

  • Usage of a high-quality planting material (long roots that retain moisture better)

  • No cutting of planting material

  • Less dependence on the human factor

  • Ability to use a system of parallel driving for handling and harvesting

  • Much less damage to plants rooted during handling


Features handmade landing - 6 people. - 1 ha / 8 hours

  • Significantly smaller investments

  • Manual landing operations require additional labeling lines

  • Small plantation area

Wood chips harvest services

The harvest takes place in the autumn-winter period (the rest of the plant). Harvesting equipment - John Deere combine with a special cutting devise. The organization of the field logistics requires the trailer for wood chips loading from combine and the load-transfer device for pile formation. The price for chips harvest services depends on the harvest area and yield capacity. Company specialists define the price proceeding from plantation inspection.

Soil preparation services

Willow plantation establishment – is agronomic issues


Soil preparation technology is similar to the preparation of the soil under the vegetable crop group and depends on the condition of the land.

Introduction to the turnover of land that have not been in treatment for long requires more operations and is more expensive.

Such plots are evaluated for the presence of self-seeding, weed-infested level and microrelief.


The classic preparation of the soil include:

  • Weeding by chemical means (glifosad)

  • disk plowing for crushing the remnants of roots

  • deep autumn plowing at 20-25 cm depth

  • introduction of complex mineral fertilizers, depending on the results of soil samples

  • preplant soil compaction and leveling

  • soil should be free of plant debris, plowed, crushed and compacted